GVC - Game On

Date: 2019
Project Type: Graphic Design
 / Photo Editing
Working for: Fullpoint Ltd.

TJ Lea has cemented his legendary status in the 'creepypasta' community by being consistently top-rated on the extremely
popular subreddit, 

Best known for his viral horror hit "The Expressionless", which was adapted into a short film in 2013, Lea has carved out a long

and storied career from spooking his insomniac spectators with

his finely tuned cosmic horror credentials. 

Now Lea lends his lightning-quick whit and mile-a-minute mind to give the community insight into his methods alongside a slue

of uniquely qualified and equally brilliant guests in his new podcast, The Writers Table. 

TJ came to me in need of a series of podcasts covers that mirrored the sense of existential dread conveyed through his literary work.