2019 by Paddy Beirne.

The research

The body of research behind this design came from both sales statistics and qualitative market research. This included research into individual marketplaces and demographics, surveys and feedback, beta testing, field research, and contemporary trends.

STanding out from the crowd

One such piece of research consisted of a simple observational field study, where I would visit typical distributors and pool supply shops in order to better understand the physical context of our packaging and to observe how other brands competed for the attention of the customer.
Unsurprisingly,  aqua blue was the dominant colour in all of these suppliers. However, I had not banked on just how alike ALL of the competitor's brands would look on the shelves - so much so, that you'd be hard-pressed to distinguish one brand from another at first glance.
This inspired us to go against the grain and make sure that our products leaped off the shelf and lead customers to read about our superior designs and functionality on the packaging.


To fully comprehend and explain why Elecro's products are far superior to their competition would probably take a masters degree in engineering and a doctorate in Biochemistry.

So in order to best speak to the average browsing customer, It was important to simplify messages to down to their basic elements - especially when these messages also had to be translated into up to 12 languages.  

To solve this - a set of concise and universally understandable icons were designed to lead the customer to pick the right pool cleaner or heater for their specific needs. 



Working with third parties

A great joy of creating a visual brand is seeing others apply it perfectly. For instance, this beautiful animation that was created by working very closely with extremely talented 3D animator, Chris Beatty and voice actor

Voice Of Czath.