Death metal pro Wrestling

The visual style and marketing of Fallout Pro was a reaction to the ven-diagram-like intersection of wrestling fans and metal fans in order to best speak to an established clientele of a metal club in Hertfordshire with underground, cult-like popularity. 

The shows were originally intended to mix live music with thematically appropriate professional wrestling bouts, with heroes and villains and their story-lines being representative of the values and interests of this core demographic. 


Merch and collateral

Simple merchandise and marketing collateral was designed with the core demographic in mind as well as our secondary market of regular patrons to the club who weren't necessarily already wrestling fans. 


The designs were based more on band and festival merchandise than wrestling merchandise to allow the latter to feel more comfortable purchasing and wearing it. 


character building

Entrance animations are a trope of larger wrestling productions, however, with the venue's built-in projector I was able to create custom animations for every performer to come down the aisle too. The majority of the videos were programmed to animate to the waveform of the wrestler's
entrance music.

This part of the project was a true test of my
after-effects skills as I had just over a week to
turn around 12 of these. 



As is typical when promoting and marketing professional wrestling, shows tend to have the themes based on purposefully terrible tongue in cheek puns and parody - the brand needed to be flexible enough to accommodate this.


The poster for Fallout's second outing, Death To All But Wrestles was based on the parody 80s hair metal stylings of Spike Valentine (centre) and is in reference to song, Death To All But Metal by Steele Panther.