2019 by Paddy Beirne.

Travelling to your bookshelf  

Video Editing


While working with the London based multimedia company, Ichikoo films, I was given the opportunity to work on an experimental video piece for the international artist and curator, Monava Chen. 

Monava is renowned for her unique approach of using shredded magazine papers to knit clothes. She uses paper-shredder to transform print media into a textile-like material and knits the magazine shreds together to form various clothing, containers and structures. Her artworks are a multidisciplinary fusion of media transformation, fashion, performance, and sculpture, which has been presented in diverse exhibitions and festivals events in Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul, London and Paris.

In Traveling Into My Bookshelf, Movana used books from her friends as knitting material. It is different from her previous project which used the easily disposable magazine. The project emphasizes books that contain memories of owners and the communication with her friends' memories during the knitting process.