Graphic Designer

Nov 2018 - Aug 2019

I currently work for Pitney Bowes on a 9-month contract, scheduled to end in September. PB is a leading global technology company with a beautiful, modern and well established visual brand thematically centred around the company's core

value of 'precision'. 

I worked on everything from large print signage, through infographics,

and animated stingers to .gifs and social media posts, while being constantly challenged to creatively push the branding to its limits whilst simultaneously upholding its integrity. 

Work in progress

Sub-brand treatment

I'm currently working on a visual treatment for a Pitney Bowes - this treatment will need to be applied to everything in the resort from golf flags and pillowcases to large scale print and interior design.  


thus far, this project has allowed me to put my own spin on the existing PB branding and push it to its limits. Its been a lot of fun finding the sweet sport between original work and working within the parameters of the brand guidelines. 


Working on corporate projects doesn't have to be boring. A lot of my work for Pitney Bowes would involve exploring visually interesting means of data representation where I would be tasked to create engaging and logical infographics for both external and internal use. 

The example to the left is a marketing stack, that is designed to portray the cyclical  flow of partnering softwares PB use to in their marketing department. This infographic is currently in the running for a
MarTech Stackie Award.


The largest portion of my work for PB involved creating and working with a logical, dynamic workflow and templatisation for the mass creation of social media posts across all major platforms.

The social media campaigns would come in thick and fast, so immediate and concise action was required to stay on top of them - witch each campaign requiring an average of 48 separate creative treatments to meet targeting and retargeting needs.   


During my time working for PB I was afforded the opportunity to design the user interface for the Virtual Environment platform. 

This platform was used to ingratiate users 


Over the period of my contract, I applied the Pitney Bowes branding to a lot of collateral in many elaborate and creative ways. The best thing about the PB branding is its versatility.


Pictured is my work towards applying the branding to the trade show and events guidelines. 

Event Banners


Some of the more major contributions at PB were large scale prints for events and tradeshows - pictured to the left is a tradeshow design and it's final form.


This particular tradeshow also required the design of PB branded playing cards for a 'Play Your Cards Right' game.  

Print Design

Print design at Pitney Bowes included everything from buttons and badges to posters for both internal and external use. 

Each design using the PB's patented typestyle and front 'Precision Sans'. 

2019 by Paddy Beirne.