Square One Wrestling academy


September 2020

Square One offers professional wrestling training to prospective wrestlers of all ages and experience levels, including some of the countries most elite stars from WWE NXT UK and Progress Wresting. The visual branding had to reflect both this accessibility and level of quality in equal measures.

The simple recurring motif of the square serves a few purposes beyond just reflecting the company's name. It's used for guiding the viewer's eye through framing and allows for an easily transferable set of consistent compositional rules to be applied over different canvas sizes by extending the motif to the layout design. This was done with the client's workflow in mind as it is very likely that design work will occasionally be carried out by non-designers. 

SQ1-brand guidlines 2020-09.png
SQ1-brand guidlines 2020-06.png
SQ1-brand guidlines 2020-08.png
SQ1-brand guidlines 2020-11.png
SQ1-brand guidlines 2020-16.png
SQ1-brand guidlines 2020-14.png
SQ1-brand guidlines 2020-07.png