Ultimate British wrestling


September  2017

The breif was to redesign the visual branding of Ultimate British Wrestling (UBW). The rebranding will mark the bold change in UBW’s approach and presentation as they move towards becoming a not-for-profit organisation that will use professional wrestling events as a means of positive social influence in small communities across Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.  


UBW is on track to achieving it’s aim of becoming a central hub to these small towns and village communities and is already bringing people closer by influencing communication across social gaps (age, disability) while raising money for select charities and community projects.


UBW aims to present family friendly entertainment to their key demographic of 6-10 year olds and their accompanying parents as well as their secondary market of elderly wrestling fans. With this commitment to family value, UBW have reached out and partnered with the children’s charity, Little Medicals and have started producing additional shows for children with special needs. From seeing what a positive affect their shows have had this far, UBW recently became a not-for-profit company and are now looking to expand on their work and promote social responsibility in new ways.  

The research

The research towards developing the UBW visual style was centered around the personal values of the target audience demographics. This was done through primary market research as well as research into the social climate and media trends that influence their values and decision-making.  In one particular test subjects were asked to supply an image that is iconic of what they feel is their culture. To my surprise, the Union Jack made up the majority of the responses.  Further secondary research from national opinion polls corroborated a positive response to the Union Jack and its position as a symbol of unity, democracy and tolerance in Great Britain.


Through the face-to-face interviews and surveys, I found that the fans of wrestling in general deeply associate watching wrestling with being together with family or friends. Through this, and taking the advice of branding mogul, Yo Santosa, I used the word ‘Togetherness’ as the jumping off point of my design and found ways of visually representing this word in way that is modern and readable to it’s target audience.