Branding / Marketing / CMS web design

Nov 2018 - Aug 2019

The brief was to create a distinct sub-brand of Elecro Engineering by distancing the fundamental B2B business model from a new and separate B2C e-commerce model to be known as Vulcan. The brand would initially be exclusive to Canada with the intention of using this as a sample of the global market and eventually expanding into the US, Europe, and Russia.

The research

The research was done into the visual and UI design of the Vulcan website expanded upon the quantitive market research that lead us to target Canada in the first place, with more an indepth analysis of the diverse culture of Canada's many provinces along with Canadian online buying habits and the Canadian commerse landscape in general.


My market research revealed a Canada that has high expectations in an e-commerce site, both in form and function - a very modern market who know their consumer rights and are very aware that they have an entire world of competition to chose from when buying online.


O canada

Many of the visual design choices were based on evidence of Canadians being deeply patriotic and extremely aware of their national economy. This results in a market who are actively committed to buying Canadian with the intention of keeping wealth within thier nation.  For this reason, the visuals took cues from traditional and contemporary Canadian artists who exhibit a 'Canadian style' through their work in order to create an immediate trust between consumer and seller.

The Research

the futurE:Eshowrooms

My market research lead me to create a website that was equil parts ecommerse and eshowroom - this was a both because of the the complexity of the products and their functionality as well as a response to the ever growing adobtion of ROBO (Research Online Buy Offline) approach to consumerism in Canada that has risen in part due to major companies gradually converting their high street real estate into glorified test facilities and collection points.


The eshowroom pages on Vulcan are designed to deliver infomation in a simple, stylish and easily understandable method - using s mple animated diagrams to help the user quickly learn everything they need to know about the product within the time it takes them to scroll from the top to the bottom of an adverage sized web-page.